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Much information on WFT15 Tree 818, is incorrect - if you are here because of this tree, please email me if you need to see if there are other connections I have with your line.  I will submit my GEDCOM file to Ancestry. Com  in the near future.

I am descendant from Francis Cooke of the Mayflower. Each father named a son Jacob, and in our family follows each Jacob Cooke- until Jacob Cooke and his wife Phebe Lindley: here my Cook line continues from their daughter, Jemima.  

Jemima first married Lot Leonard; after Lot's death, she married her cousin, Ziba Cooke or Zibe Cook or Ziba Cook (as best as we can tell, this is her cousin).

We are still searching for the parents of the mysterious Zibe Cooke.  We do know that Ziba was born 1760 and died 1823.

From the marriage of Ziba and Jemima Cooke, came a son Solomon Cooke, born 1785- died 1850 and then his son, James Brice Cooke born 1821 died 1860, then his son Solomon Cooke was born 1845 and died 1923.


My grandfather John J. Cook was born 1873 and died 1957; my father Ralph Gordon Cook was born 08-20-1907 and died 09-28-1978.

I have included pictures of many family members.  You might wish to view and see if you have similar pictures.

Mary Nancy Kniesly Cook

Younger Mary Kniesly

Elder Solomon Cook

James Brice Cook  & wife Hannah Corwin

Solomon H. Cook 1845-1923

John J. Cook 1873-1957

John Cook & wife Florence's wedding picture

Maude, Mary Cook, Lizzy

Older Solomon H. Cook


My mother's family were John Gwaltney born 31Oct1883 Oliver, In. married Nellie May Fields born 5May1896 Francisco, In., Gibson Co.

We also have Dougan and Montgomery in our line along with the Murphy and Reeders, Dodd, Vaught, McFarland, Goldsmith and Washburn.

I also have several wills that I will share - the latest being that of Caleb Cooke.

Send me an email and I will gladly swap some of my genealogy data.

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