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In the name of God Amen, I John Gwaltney of the county of
Posey and State of Indiana, being in a low state of health
and weak in body but of sound mind and memory and
calling to mind the mortality of all flesh and the certainty
of life and knowing that it is appointed for all flesh once to
die do make this my last will and testament that is to say
I give my sole to God who gave it and my body to its Mother
dust to be buried in a Christain Manner, as touching on
my Worldly affairs that God has blest me with .

First I give and bequeth to my loving wife Anna Gwaltney all my personal and real Estate during her life it is my will that my wife Anna shall give to my children a they come of age of marry of a portion of property equal to that I have give my son Thomas Gwaltney amounting to Ninty-Eight Dollars and at my wife death I will that all my property in her hands at that time to be sold to the best advantage and to be divided equally amongst all my children, Thomas, John, Benjamine Harris, Ammiriah, Betsy, Fanny and Cynthia by paying Respect to those that may not be of age at my wife's Death that is they are to have the same with thoes that may not be of age the money that may be coming to them for it to be put out so interest till they may come of age to recieve it.

I do here by order Anna Gwaltney my wife and my son Thomas Gwaltney my lawful executors.


Signed, Sealed this Eighth (8) of October 1818.


Signed in the presents of

William Reeve John Gwaltney

Jos Rankin



Probated May 31 1819 before James P. Drake Clerk Protem of the May Circuit Court.