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Jana has met every mothers' dream son-in-law - Mark, and they have known each other over 1 1/2 years.

On December 25, 1997, in front of 15 family members, a beautiful engagement ring was presented as a surprise to our Jana.  Some pictures of the wedding are available at Wedding pictures.

The wedding was a most joyous occasion. The simplicity of an intimate wedding chapel called Simpsonwood in Norcross, Ga. As the couple came out of the chapel, the organ music was then overpowered by a wonderful drum major who played the bagpipes in honor of her Scot/English heritage. 

Our Jana burst into joyful tears to the tune of Amazing Grace, Scotland the Brave and other tunes which blended into the echoing woodlands. The bride and groom were whisked away in a white limousine to the reception hall at Berkley Lake, Ga.


Decorations were sea green and white with over 100 plants and flower arrangements. The main theme the stargazer lily; all provided solely by the brides talented friend Terri and husband Keith. There was even a 6ft Japanese Maple tree. Catered fruits, sandwiches, hot entrees, fountain punch, several varieties of salads and 3 tier-cake were enjoyed on this warm sunny Saturday.

No alcohol was served per the wishes of the happy couple and it was not even missed by her doting English aunts and uncles (not to mention the Irish lads). See, the Irish and English really are great pals! 

This is not to say that a party wasn't held several hours later at a local friendly pub to toast the bride and groom as they boarded first class via Delta Air Lines to Colorado for one week honeymoon at a time-share that was presented a wedding gift by the groom's parents.

The house building has now been completed and they were moved in before the 1998 holidays and continue to decorate and landscape! I wish to share a couple of pictures we took on Sunday 27Sep., 1998 with you. The house is located in the country of  Jackson,  Georgia. 

Here are a few progress shots of the house Front, back, and the living room.  I am so tickled that they are near completion of their new home. No more kitty sitting for me and they finally get their two precious babies home!


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